January 26th, 2009


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I'm not dead! Also, I'm somewhere in Sonoma County! Hooray! I've also figured out how to text internationally (it's just "+ (country code) (area code) (number)", just like back home), so now my housemate knows I'm not dead! This is a good thing.

ISP keeps rejecting my application for internet at home. This is a bad thing. I'm going to attempt to get my housemate to call them and figure things out. Not sure what I'm going to do if that doesn't work. Having no internet at home is going to suck.

Going back to civilisation tomorrow to visit an AT&T store so that my phone can actually perform phone-like duties, instead of simply laptop-that-fits-in-pocket duties. Apparently there is a party tomorrow as well, which might be an excuse to pull out the gryphon costume again.

The kind people I'm staying with have recently moved house, so there's a lot of unpacked boxes floating around. I'm also going to be sleeping in a workroom full of costume supplies, so it's sort of a weird mix of the current and previous sharehouses I've lived in.

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So. I probably should make a "day post" here again. I started out today mildly freaking out about nebulous plans and I'm finishing today at gatcat's house with internets and ale. I think this is a good start to my time in Sonoma County.

I was up around 8 this morning and spent the next couple of hours packing, cleaning and generally wondering what I should do today. I couldn't leave my room in case Gat called my room (which was the only reliable way of getting in contact with me outside of internets).

I called Rose and Felix's room at about 9:30 but there was no answer. I tried again 15 minutes later but Felix told me Rose had already left. D: Sad bird was sad that he didn't get to say goodbye. But I guess I'll see her again in a week and it's not as if I haven't gone a week without seeing Rose. =P

Warp told me that Kreg and him were going out for lunch back to the awesomely tasty California Sour Dough shop. Gat had called my room and we'd kinda organised things. Anyway, what happened was I had to check out at noon so I grabbed all my stuff and ran downstairs to check out. I bumped into Gat on the way down and Warp near the reception desk, checked out, dumped my stuff in Warp's room.

After heading back downstairs, I checked my email and got a message from Felix to say that I'd left some stuff in his room, so I went back up to try and retrieve it. Felix didn't answer, so I went back downstairs. I bumped into Felix's friends again, who said they were going back upstairs to annoy Felix. I went back up with him and we bumped into Felix in the hall. Anyway, I grabbed the couple of electronic cables I'd forgotten as well as a poptart that Rose had left for me, some Dr Pepper and half a pack of Sunkist. (Strangely enough, you cannot fly with carbonated beverages. :p)

Back downstairs, Kreg got their truck and Gat and Lex joined us for lunch. Again, Sour Dough was incredibly nomworthy.

Oh, I finally tried Starbucks coffee. It tasted like someone had burnt some toast and scraped it off into my cup. Blegh.

After lunch, we returned to the hotel. I bumped into Stephen a couple of times and said goodbye. We packed my stuff into Gat's truck (I wish I'd remembered to grab the crate of apples that Kreg had offered me) and off we went north. The truck was a two door with not much room in the back seat so I spent the two hour drive with my legs folded up. My butt fell asleep. :p

So yeah. Funnily enough, I tried to get my phone to determine my current location and it said "Unable to determine location", which must mean I'm in such a remote place that it's impossible for GPS satellites to locate me! It's good to get out of suburbia. Since landing in the US I've either been at an airport, in a plane or at the con hotel (with the few exceptions being trips to either the Sour Dough place or the Computer History Museum with Kreg and Warp).

Oh, they actually say "Forheertago", not "Eetintoogo".
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