January 27th, 2009


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Hmm, it's cold this morning.

Oh look, it's 2C! Well at least it's above freezing!

Oh wait, my computer is still set to San Jose. *fixes*

Ahh, negative 2! Much better!


Oh, Spin Internet actually replied to my email support question! Audible gasp! It's a pity they don't offer a naked DSL service, otherwise I'd just go with them.

I might still have to get Telstra to install a copper line and then sign up with an ISP. Argleblargh.
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Am I seriously going to have to spend a minute attempting to figure out how to operate the shower everywhere I go? *facepalm* Showers and telephones should not be this difficult to operate, dammit! At least I knew what the lifty thing was. If I hadn't seen a lifty thing before I might have been in trouble. The switchy thing to block the drain was new, though. I hadn't seen a switchy thing before. That's actually a good idea, assuming it works.

Why can't there be one set of taps/faucets, or better yet, a mixer, to operate the shower and a second set to operate the bath? That would make sense and not cause travelling Aussie birds unnecessary trauma.

Damn crazy lifty switchy fiddly things...
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