January 30th, 2009


(no subject)

Heading back south to San Jose today! I still have no idea where I'll be sleeping tonight. x_x This is either mildly disconcerting or a fun, exciting new adventure! ...Hmm, I think it's leaning more towards disconcerting. XD

My fallback plan is to check into a hotel in San Jose, so it's not as if I'll be sleeping out on the street or anything. I guess the only real downside is that it's money I'd prefer not to spend.

Might stop off at Ravenswood Winery this morning! I'd be sad if I left Sonoma County without at least trying some of the local wine. ;_; On the plus side, I've enjoyed some great brews. XD

Going to have to make another trip to Northern California to see San Francisco, I think. XD I have to say that I've really enjoyed not being in the middle of a noisy, crowded city this week.

Off to Santa Cruz!

Okay, booked two nights in a hostel in Santa Cruz. It's cheap AND it sounds like an awesome place to spend a Saturday. Going to attempt to public transport (verb fail) there this afternoon from Oakland.