February 6th, 2009



As the photographic evidence proves, we did Epcot on Wednesday!

We started the day by getting silly photos in front of the Spaceship Earth ball. Unfortunately, you can barely see my tail in the photo. XD

First attraction we hit was Spaceship Earth, of course. I was looking the wrong way when the ride told me to smile for the camera. Hey, I was distracted! At least I was smiling. XD I looked absolutely ridiculous at the end of the ride. Daniel has the photographic evidence of that; I have none.

Second stop was the Innoventions hall. Rose asked if we wanted to go in. Daniel said "yes" and I said "no". Admittedly there was some fun stuff inside. Mmm, exploding televisions.

The Circle of Life featurette was entertaining. I guess most of the stuff we saw at Epcot would be educational if I was 8 years old. Okay, maybe 7 years old. XD

We did the hydroponics lab tour, whatever that's called. I took a crapload of photos but after going through them I've decided that vegetables and fruit aren't really that fascinating after all. XD

I bought this tee from a gift shop in the Canada pavilion because the others saw it first and immediately thought of me.

Stopped off at a stall for coffee after walking out of Canada. Mmmm, espresso. Actually, it tasted like ... umm, brain not working this morning. >_< Like the coffee was scalded, I guess? Too hot, anyway. I hate it when coffee is too hot.

There was a live band with a bunch of dudes wearing kilts. Eerily appropriate, given that the name of their band is "Off Kilter".

Daniel had a craving for REAL TEA™ and we were all hungry for food so next stop was England and fish 'n' chips. The chips were real fries cut ... well, thick cut anyway. I think the fish 'n' chips I had in Santa Cruz were much much better. These were incredibly greasy, which is a big oops because I wanted to avoid having anything greasy for lunch. D'oh! I guess I wasn't thinking.

Rose was entertained by a squirrel during lunch.

We wandered into the Twinings tea shop after lunch. Daniel bought his tea. I think I can survive a month without drinking tea. Going a few days without alcohol is a real stretch, though. o_o; (Disclaimer: no, not really.) Rose bought a Crunchie for her mum to try. I ended up eating half of it. XD

We took a group photo on the bridge across to France. I bought a glass of red wine (I don't remember what it was) and was highly amused that I was wandering around a theme park with alcohol. Only in America!

The rest of the afternoon I was in a grumpy mood. I suspect I would have had more fun if I'd wandered off on my own at that point, but that's just the benefit of hindsight.

Eventually we made it back to The Land so that Rose and company could ride Soarin'. I skipped it because I have a fear of heights AND I suffer from motion sickness. Rose informed me after the ride that it was probably best that I skipped it.

I've heard that the Figment ride was much much better in its first incarnation. I thought its current incarnation was silly nonsense but a lot of fun. A skunk is not a rose! XD (Rose is not a skunk!)

Rose's mum and I waited in the warmth of a gift shop while the rest ran out to the car to collect tripods so they could set them up for the fireworks display.

The next two hours were freaking cold. Freaking. Cold.

I ran to China and back. XD I probably looked like a complete fool running around with my tail on, but at least it warmed me up!

Rose's mum watched our stuff while the rest of us wandered around inside the Mexican pavilion. There were some neat animal carvings and glass blowing. Eaglies!

Had to run back to prevent other people encroaching on our spot. The fireworks were a blast! XD Well worth the two hour freezing cold wait. I didn't bother taking any photos because everyone else was. Plus I didn't bring my tripod to the US.

I was in an absolutely ridiculous mood after the fireworks, but it's great that I'm relaxed, having fun and enjoying my time here!

Overall, Epcot was a fun day, but I think I need to go back some day and just wander around by myself.

Downtown Disney

Not much to say about yesterday, really. We wandered around Downtown Disney buying stuff we probably shouldn't, convincing ourselves not to buy stuff we wanted, and looking at stuff there's no way we could possibly afford. XD (Wurlitzer?)

Holycrap, LEGO! I almost bought an AT-AT walker that ACTUALLY MOVES. It was only $129, which in Australian dollars is $1,956,620. But Lego of awesomeness! Eeeee!

Got lots of Lego photos, of course! Galleryyyy!

I ended up with a Zelda cap (which is slightly too small for my head), the last Luckey (bottle opener shaped like a key) in Lake Buena Vista (which Rose regrets handing to me), a microraptor mini, a Folkmanis pteranodon puppet, an eagley fridge magnet, and a dinosaur bones icecube tray.

From Downtown Disney

The Rainforest Cafe was pretty good! I wasn't game to try any of the mass produced American beers so I settled for a couple of bottles of Stella and a chicken burger sandwich burger.

There was a girl, maybe in her late teens or early twenties, in the Virgin Music Megastore that asked to have her photo taken with me with my tail. I think my face was bright red for about two minutes afterwards.