February 17th, 2009


Plans fail: hilarity ensues

I've had some bad luck so far in St Louis. Nothing major or tragic, but just annoying enough to be entertaining and amusing.

Wolfwings and I figured out some things to do yesterday thanks to suggestions from Warp and Buran. Wolfwings had to pick up a fursuit from Breese IL, while he was here, so we made it our first errand after lunch, and then we'd go to the World Bird Sanctuary.

We had lunch at Panera St Louis Bread. Wolfwings was shocked to learn that I hadn't had their "soup in a bread bowl" yet, so I ordered one of those. My pager went off so I went up to the counter and the staff were confused and didn't have my meal ready, so I wandered back to my table. When the pager went off a second time, the staff realised it was because they had run out of sour dough rolls. So I ended up with a larger bowl of soup and an extra bread roll but no soup in a bread bowl. D'oh!

I think it was about 2pm by the time we finished lunch. With the assistance of Buran's retarded GPS, "Alice", we nibbled our way through the streets as Alice kept trying to put us on the I-64 (which no longer exists). We even stopped and asked for directions from a lady who was directing traffic around a closed I-64 interchange and we simply ended up more lost. XD

Eventually, we found our way out of St Louis and into the vast emptiness of rural Illinois. I was thinking to myself that it reminded me a lot of either (a) the farm where Clark Kent grew up, or (b) tornado country. Then I realised that I was in tornado country. (Note to self: do not visit in summer.) There was a lot of corn fields, a couple of redtail hawks, more corn fields, silos, and not a lot else.

We finally made it to Breese (it has a fucking 'z', people!) and picked up the fursuit. This is the third costumer's workshop that I've toured on this trip and they've all been by accident.

On the way back to Buran's, I got some photos of the arch. When I saw some photos of it online, I thought it was maybe only a dozen stories tall. No, this arch is freaking massive! It makes the skyscrapers look small. :p

It was about 5pm when we arrived back in St Louis, so there was no way we were going to make it out to the bird sanctuary. ;_;

I mentioned to Wolfwings that Rose wanted to take me to a Steak N Shake in Sarasota but ran out of days. So we had Steak N Shake. XD I found it weird being at a burger joint with table service. It ... just doesn't happen in Australia as far as I know. The burger was pretty good. So was the shake. Mmm, mocha.

Of course, being birds, we can put away a fair amount of food. We still went to Outback Steakhouse later that night. XD Warphammer joined us for dinner, having just driven out from Minneapolis.

Outback Steakhouse was ... cringeworthy, for the overdone Australiana crap on the walls and the awfully named menu items. Bloomin' Onions, wtf? XD And the giant ad for Foster's beer, augh! I stabbed it repeatedly when I saw it. It's lucky I didn't have a knife in my hand otherwise I would have punched a hole through the table! XD

But to their credit, they did have Boag's Lager! Hooray! :D I think Cooper's is good as well, but I can't remember what that tastes like.

The steak was decent. Longhorn was much better.

After dinner, Buran put the first Narnia movie on again for me so that I could watch the gryphon scenes that I'd slept through the previous night. Yay, gryphons! After that she put on Prince Caspian, which I fell asleep watching again.

I still want custom decals for my car.