May 14th, 2009


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Saw Star Trek (2009) with rosequoll last Thursday. We wore our TOS shirts. XD We're such geeks. We were very out of place. Stupid Garden City.

I drank heaps of caffeine so that I could stay awake during the movie. I didn't get to sleep until 2am, and woke up at 6. Four hours of sleep. D= I was a wreck Friday, but somehow managed to survive the day without passing out at work.

So since last Thursday I've avoided caffeine. I have been drinking one or two cups of tea each day, but certainly not the three or four cups of coffee plus random energy drinks like I've been imbibing. I've been relatively caffeine free for a week now and it's great to finally sleep properly again! I'm surprised that I haven't been nodding off at work like I used to. Monday was probably the hardest to avoid coffee but I haven't really missed it.

I had to drive my housemate roxxychan (Peta) to the hospital because she'd been sick for a couple of days and had painful joints. I dropped her off at 8pm, hung around for an hour, then went home to wait (and sleep). Peta called me to collect her at 3am! Remind me never to go to the hospital. :p

Anyway, turns out that she has a flu-like virus. Today I seem to have come down with it. I had a suspicion around noon that I was ill. By 3pm I was feeling pretty crappy and on the train home early. Some of my workmates are going to Interop in Las Vegas next week and I don't want to get them sick. That would seriously suck.

I think I'm going to take tomorrow off. Bleh.
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