November 25th, 2009


Overdue update

Job: Still working at Statseeker. I've been there since 2006. 3 years, yay! Moving towards working from home. Work bought me an awesome desk. Sweet. Will set up the soon-to-be spare room as a study.

Home: Jason is moving out after living with us for 11 months. More expensive for me, but it means I get a spare room to use as an office, plus I got to buy an awesome fridge (Fisher and Paykel, natch) and an awesomer front-loader washing machine (Siemens). I can't wait to spin the fur off my shirts.

Peta and I got to raise three kittens for Pet City for a few weeks. It was hard to let them go, especially the ginger one. Stupid three cat limit.

Social life: What social life? I'm still in the long running Exalted campaign, but that's pretty much it. Going to Further Confusion 2010! I want to finish my gryph costume.

Fitness: Still having personal training twice a week. I've managed 1 RM of 135kg for bench press, which is mad. Doing boot camp twice on Saturday mornings, plus the last few weeks I've been running 4+ km most mornings. Got my weight down from ~86kg to 82kg. I want to get trim for FC!

Also cleaned up my eating. Avoiding carbs for lunch and dinner (I don't really miss bread). I've cut out junk food and candy, and mostly avoiding fruit juice too. Water is fine! Plus I want to keep my eating sustainable, so I'm still eating tasty enjoyable food, and if I eat something unhealthy (eg chicken burger) once a week then that's fine.