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What level of furry are you?

The following table is a work in progress. Comments appreciated!

0"Mundane"Anyone who does not fit into the following categories. Includes individuals who have never heard of furry fandom and those that are simply not interested.
1"Fringer"Associates with items of a furry theme on a semi-regular basis and demonstrates interest in said items. May include those that produce work of a cultural basis on a furry theme (excluding Level 2 works).
May or may not be a self-proclaimed 'Furry'. One who does not is a 'Furry Fringer'. One who does is a 'Fringe Furry'.
2"Fanatic"Level 1 plus wears items of a furry nature (shirts, collars, fursuits, face/bodypaint, etc). Associates with other furries in a social setting or expresses interest in doing so. One who somehow matches Level 2 but not Level 1 does not qualify (e.g. professional mascot).
3"Lifestyler"Believes and ascribes to the notion that furry is a religion, cult, "way of life" and/or promotes or ascribes to "furry ideals".

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