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I also realised today that doing what we did last night before a day of classes isn't a good idea. We'll have to take that into account in organising the next get-together. Ideally, we'd schedule it for a Saturday night. That way we could stagger over to Fenelon's for gaming in the morning. :> Assuming we didn't stay awake too late that night, that is.

Probably a couple of TMI moments with my friends last night. *twitch* But glowsticks are fun, dammit! And so is good food, good friends and a good time. But that goes without saying. We opened the possibility of a roadtrip to Sydney.. just the three of us, that is. And I need to open up more. And they found out I was ticklish. Grrr. And Dilph realised that I could probably set up the software for his router. That'd be cool to do, but Stephen should still be given a week or so to get his act together and set it up (assuming Dilph acquires Tim's old 486 as hardware). If he doesn't then I'm just going to jump in there myself and get the silly thing finished. I want a shell account I can log into from Student again. ;D Maybe I could hook up Nest there....or here at home for that matter.
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