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My weekend

  • Stepped in catshit (eww!) ... in the hallway?!?
  • Gave a lizard a proper burial (in the kitchen trash bin).
  • Waged genocide on an army of ants (Muahaha!)
  • Cleaned up a dirty poof (well it was squatting in our living room).
  • Beer o'clocked! I got to be a pool shark for all of one game and then my workmates started buying me drinks. Whoops.
  • Ate Chop Chop. T'was tasty indeed.
  • Cleaned a drum kit for all of ten seconds before I wondered why. It's Stephen's drumkit, let him clean it. Fuck that. So I did. Umn, left it for Stephen to clean, that is.
  • Listened to a lot of Split Enz. Ninnie knees up!
  • Got screwed.
  • Er, sorry, that was a typo. Got screws. Pesky things hide everywhere. I don't know they're there until it's too late (when they rattle up the vacuum cleaner hose).
  • I didn't get Lost. This makes me sad. :/
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