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I rushed home after yesterday's staff meeting (no Beer O'Clock for byrd unfortunately) to take the cats to the vet for their vaccinations. They got their shots and they're in good health so it's all good (although Flea could stand to cut back on her food). Pudgey kitties = bad.

Went over to Tania's to meet up with part of the Brisbane furry crowd (well, the Lost regulars, anyway) to celebrate her birthday. On the way there we stopped for alcohol and ice cream (the latter never got consumed, scarily enough). In the bottle shop I was tempted to pick up a bottle of Eaglehawk merlot. Mmmm...red wine. Instead I bought Crown lager because beer is more manly, or something. :P

I was getting really hungry and could just about kill for food but we made an executive decision to show up at the party first. After all, they could have food there for all we knew. ;>

No substantial food when we got there, though, so I stalked off to the local Red Rooster by myself. Yay for iPod! *wiggle*

Actually, my iPod was picking out some rather melancholy tunes and as I was coming back (down Raven Street, hehe) I started to reflect on how much I was enjoying the solitude and perhaps maybe I should skip the party and spend a quiet night at home (watching shiny new DVDs).

The thing that hits me every time I'm over at Tania's is the noise. I've never had such a raucous group of friends. And that's even before they've had alcohol. ;> I'm glad I didn't skip out on the party because I had a good time. Most of the fun was in being away from the insanity. *grin*

A handful of us wandered out onto the back verandah. When that got invaded we went back inside to watch Eternal Sunshine but that was a lost cause. Still, alcohol was consumed, sprawlage was sprawled, crash space was crashed and I woke up with a sore neck! I was zombified this morning.

Gaming this afternoon and scifi convention tomorrow. Life is good. :>
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