Whyrl (whyrl) wrote,

When your sponge Chux a wobbly...

If I had to come up with an advertising slogan for a competing kitchen sponge I think I'd choose that one.

I dropped my car off for its 60,000km servicing today. I was shocked just after lunch when I was told it was ready to pick up and the total was $716.85. ovO I had to get her to repeat herself because when I booked it in I'd heard $150.

They replaced the cam belt, filters, the spark plugs, the oil and a few other things. The boot catch actually works now without the key! I had no idea it was actually broken. I almost had to learn to drive it again because it was driving that differently. More power for one thing.

$400 of that was labour. Bleargh! And $65 in tax. But at least my warranty is still good and there are definite improvements so I'm pretty happy.
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