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Quarter to a King's Letter

I spent most of my birthday today trying not to cough up my lungs. Managed to drag myself out to Woolies to buy a bunch of supplies (cough drops, Lemsip cough syrup, panadol, advil, lemonade and some munchables).

Decided I was well enough to drive myself to my parents' house for roast dinner (and pressies!) and cake to celebrate my 25th. Plus I hadn't eaten all day and I kinda didn't want my family snooping around my house. ;>

Dinner was tasty. :> And it was good to get out of the house. My parents got me a Qantas luggage bag (navy blue - it needs some sort of distinctive paint because there'll probably be a thousand of those at the airport). Definitely useful for my trip to NZ next month. :> My brothers got me a nice set of kitchen knives. Mmm...shiny.

Might go in to work tomorrow for a half day and see how that goes. This flu has really gone to my chest and nothing I take seems to abate it.
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