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It's 5:40am and being in New Zealand I've lost two hours (it's 3:40am Brisbane time) and yet here I am awake!

Crazy bird. ;>

Hardly anything in the way of photos to post yet. I got a few photos at the airport. I took my camera on the plane but by the time I could turn my camera on there wasn't any of Australia left to see from the air. Endless cloud and sea hardly makes for interesting photos! And I had to prepare for landing before we caught sight of New Zealand. :/

It was too dark when we landed for photos. I could've got one of Auckland's international terminal maybe (when we were still inside the plane), but I was feeling slightly queasy and I had to pee so I wasn't terribly interested in taking the camera out.

Shopping in Hamilton today. Whee! Hopefully I can get to a Dick Smith Electronics and buy a simcard for my phone (and take lots of photos too, of course!).
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