Whyrl (whyrl) wrote,

House inspection passed yesterday with the proviso that we get the yard tidy within the next week, which is pretty much what I was expecting. The front garden is looking a bit sad (going to attack the shingles with weed killer tomorrow morning, I think). The agent is doing a drive-by in 7 days to confirm that we've followed instructions.

The report for the bedrooms amuses me:

1st Bedroom (mine): Neat and tidy. (It doesn't even mention the bird or mouse cages!)
2nd Bedroom (Stephen's): Dirty ceiling fan - clean.
3rd Bedroom (Rose's workroom): Air conditioner in window.

They mention the A/C and the ceiling fan but not pets? :D

I'm pondering bribing people over to help with the yard. It shouldn't take long but obviously Stephen can't help in his current condition.
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