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Sunday 19 May

I have a heck of a lot to write into my journal. I've been meaning to write for it all week. A lot of it is very important and I need to get all my thoughts down. In fact I'm not sure I can stress how important this is. Going to do this in reverse chronological order for several reasons. LJ lists entries that way anyway, so that's a bonus. And it's easier for me to think backwards than forwards.

Today was shit. First thing I saw when I woke up was dilph's face. ..... Not a good way to wake up. I mean... argh, this is difficult to say. I mean no offense to Dilph, and I'm sure he won't take any, and I asked for a wakeup call.. but.. bleah! :p Mental scars, mental scars.

Woke at 9:45am. Game at Fenelon's was supposed to start at 10. The next train was 9:54. No way we could've made that at the time I woke. We took the 9:24 instead. Dawdled a little on the way but we made the train. I still wasn't fully awake and bought a ticket to Auchenflower instead of Milton (the train line is Toowong, Auchenflower, Milton, in that order, no stations inbetween), but it didn't matter because (a) same price ticket, (b) no inspectors at the station or on the train. Blah. It was...an "oops" all the same.

Got to Fenelon's but only Darryn and Fenelon were there, plus Fen's housemates. Crappy turnout for the game. Oh.. just after I woke up, I checked my email. Darryn had sent me an email asking where b_dingo lived....at 9:30 that morning. Skiesdammit! Why the hell do people use email in those situations??? It's stupidity. Admittedly, I probably need a mobile phone. Blah. So I sent a reply with the details. It was too late though. Darryn had left by 9:45, so he couldn't pick Bingo up (not knowing where he lived). The point is that Bingo wasn't with us.

I gave Bingo's house a call. Ben (Bingo's housemate) answered and said he had no idea where he was, so I called Bingo's mobile. He was next door. :P Snowy answered. Snowy is very soft-spoken and I couldn't hear her properly. I didn't recognise her voice at first (I was expecting Bingo to answer, and I wasn't sure if I'd dialled the right number.. doubt in my mind because Bingo had said a few weeks ago that he'd been giving out the wrong number for his mobile. I figured Dilph had the right one, but there was still the element of doubt.), so I said to Snowy that I thought I had the wrong number. Snowy repeated Bingo's RL name, and I clicked then. :P She said that they'd been up late and Bingo needed another 1 - 1.5 hours of sleep. Nrar.

So, we had a bit of time to kill, and we gave it a thorough flogging. Standing around, talking, wasting time. Grar. 45 minutes later, Darryn drove me over to Stephen's, with the intention of picking up both Stephen and Bingo. *sigh* Darryn is a new driver, and not a confident one at that. I had to direct him several times on where to go, even to get out of Fen's street! And on the freeway, he wanted to change lanes. Three times he put on his blinker, started moving into the lane, then swerved out again. The first time he was practically halfway between the two lanes before deciding he wanted to go back! Fucking stupid twit! His excuse was that he was worried the car in the lane he was changing to wasn't giving him the right of way. :P Bloody annoying, and it does NOT instill a sense of confidence in the passenger (ie me!). We got off the freeway and Darryn missed the offramp to Stanley St. Admittedly, it's not the easiest to spot (joins up with a busway), and he didn't really know where he was going. I should've directed him. Blah. A minute later he was about to change lanes and there was a car in his blind spot. Fortunately he looked over his shoulder, but he cheerfully told me that it was a "near miss". :P Dammit, Darryn!!

Anyway, we got to Stephen's without having an accident. :P Stephen was awake and interested in gaming, but he'd already told his mum that he was going to a Greek market or something like that. Bingo was awake and next door, so I asked him if he was interested in gaming. He didn't sound keen, and looked downright miserable. He grudgingly said yes, and I think I mentioned we had a shortage of players. Darryn was being an idiot and saying we didn't want to be there all for nothing, whereas I was telling him that he wasn't under any obligation to play. Only if he wanted to. Darryn played with his laser pointer, hyping up Polo. Polo really loves to chase that laser dot, and that was quite funny. :D

We wandered back over to Stephen's to see what was up. Bingo told us he really wasn't in the mood to play, so that was it for him. No point playing if you're in a crappy mood. Stephen's mum didn't show up while we were there. I gave Fenelon a call and apprised him of the situation. He said Dilph was interested in playing either Hero Quest or Space Crusade, and if Stephen couldn't show up then we could either drive back to Fen's and play those games or just go home.

We hung around at Stephen's and Bingo's for a bit longer. Darryn and I went scavenging for hardware (I found Steven's spare AGP card in the "junk pile" and Darryn was looking for a soundblaster). I couldn't borrow the graphics card because Steven wasn't home, so I left it in his room. The plan was we could return later and Steven was expected home around 3pm. Dilph had to work at 3:30pm so we wouldn't be gaming any later than that, so it seemed to fit well.

Darryn and I went back to Fen's without either of Stephen or Bingo, but he drove better, fortunately for my nerves. I directed him back a fairly safe route, which helped.

Played Space Crusade. Fen played as the aliens. I lost troops early. Dilph ended up winning. Nuff said.

Dropped Dilph off at work. Darryn and I went back to Bingo's. Hung around and played the Twilight Zone pinball machine. Went next door to watch an episode of Buffy. (That show sucks, IMHO. Poor acting, B-grade plot, music, SFX. Vaguely entertaining, I guess.) By that stage I was feeling utterly crap. Wasn't sure how I was getting home, hadn't had anything to eat all day, and wasn't feeling good for having wasted a day. Steven finally showed up and he said sure, he wasn't using the card so there was no problem with me borrowing it, which was cool. Eventually caught a bus home, though. Oh, and I was worried because the DVD we'd borrowed out yesterday hadn't been returned and it was after 6:30pm by that stage, but I asked when I walked in the door and Dad had already returned it. Apparently, they had borrowed a video out last night and when Dad returned it this afternoon they'd said we had a DVD out as well, which was fortunate.
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