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Saturday 18 May

Slept in a bit. Had a slow morning, just kicking around a little on IRC and stuff. Wondered where Dilph and Bingo were. Dilph had troubles with public transport to my place and didn't get there until noon. Come to think of it, he was travelling from Stephen's (IIRC). He could've walked to the Gabba bus station instead of catching a train into town and then another bus back out. Ah well. He arrived around noon. We kicked around for a bit in my room, just chatting and checking out a couple of games. Wandered up to the video store to grab some Kevin Smith videos. They only had Chasing Amy, which according to Dilph is relatively heavy, thought-provoking and a bit of a mindfuck, so we didn't get it. We weren't in the mood for that sort of film during the afternoon. Ended up picking up A Knight's Tale on DVD, simply because we'd already seen it and we knew it was good.

Trundled back home and heated up the oven for pizza slices. Kelvin rocked up shortly thereafter. Kelvin gave me a bottle of Sprite, some Cheesels and a couple of Queen CDs ("Rocks" and "Made In Heaven", which I'm listening to now). Sidenote: Rodney, my bro, has the latter album on tape. It's not bad, but it's not great either. Nrar. Forgot to mention that Dilph presented me with Takena's gift: a DVD-ROM drive! :D Thankyouthankyou Tak!! *WingSNUGGLE* Dilph picked out a slot-entry model, but I've no idea what the speed is. I guess it doesn't really matter anyway. I haven't installed it yet. And apparently it can be set to region 0, too. :> Not that it really matters much. The only problem is that my parents' gift is quite redundant now. :P But I might find a use for it some time in the future, plus it means I can play DVDs on Aerie. W00t! :D

The three of us watched the DVD on the XBox. Unfortunately there was something screwy with it. The picture bounced up and down repeatedly rather annoyingly every now and then. The brightness was fading in and out, too. Cleaning the disc helped stop the thing from crashing when we loaded it, but didn't help with the latter problem. We talked about taking it back and complaining but we didn't. There were some interesting deleted scenes from the final cut of the movie, which was cool. :>

Dinner at the Hog. Need I say more? *grin*

We were the first to arrive, despite being slightly late. Kelvin bought Dilph and I drinks. I had a Dark and Stormy. ;D Yummy ginger beer and rum. Kelvin was impressed almost straight away. The decor at the Hog is something to behold, comment on, laugh at, discuss, blab and.. well, you get the picture.

Sebkha was uncharacteristically late. Showed up with the others (Snowy, Stephen, Anthea, Bingo). They presented me with their gift: a set of quality headphones (Snowy and Stephen, being audiophiles, spent an hour and a half arguing between two models) and a cool birthday card, too. :> Dilph gave me his gift: lifetime membership for the Hog. Whee! (Hrrr, I wonder what happened to the t-shirt...?) I really don't need to say how absolutely wonderful the steak was, do I? Admittedly, I probably shouldn't have had the bacon and onions with it. Too salty. Had to wash it down with two rum-and-cokes. Oddly, I never felt intoxicated last night. *shrug* The waitresses recognised us yet again, and noticed that the crowd was smaller this time. They discovered it was my birthday and brought out a mudcake thingy with a lit sparkler in it, like they did last year. They put that on our bill, though. :P Heh, it was nice. Bingo made his pitch about the wall of art, once again. Finally saw Sebkha's Powerbook Mac. I had the thought that Sebkha is a local counterpart of Buran, at least in terms of geekiness and general knowledge knowingness. Hard to say if it's an apt comparison. Someone paid for my meal too, which was cool. I think it was Dilph. In fact, I'm pretty sure it was. He was the one that settled the final bill. These events aren't in chronological order, but those are the highlights. Kelvin is a new convert to the Hog. There was some chewing of arms involved too, but like that's unusual with the furry crowd.

Movie afterwards. I requested Star Wars 2, obviously. ;D Only Kelvin had seen it, and everyone else wanted to see it, so it worked out nicely. Snowy didn't know where Balmoral Cinemas were, though, and drove off in the direction of Gaythorne (Sebkha mentioned Hawthorne). Kelvin, Dilph and I went the right way there after following the others briefly. :P We all got there eventually. Had about an hour to kill when we arrived (movie started at 9:30pm, finished just after midnight). Parking was ... interesting. All the street parking was taken, yet the carpark building beside the cinema complex had maybe ten free spaces, and it was free. :D Dilph shouted me an icecream after he'd bought one for himself, and I had the same flavour (baa!), musk. Very tasty. The ticket queue started getting busy about twenty minutes before the movie started and we decided to head into the cinema early. Had a reasonable choice of seating, but Snowy grabbed a couple seat down the front and we all eventually trickled down there. Too close for my personal preference but it didn't really matter.

No spoilers here. Attack of the Clones was cool. :> A thumb and a half up. It was lacking in a couple of key aspects, namely the first act being too long, the dialogue leaving a lot to be desired (nothing stood out as being memorable), about half the jokes fell flat, and a couple of other things, but otherwise I enjoyed it. :>

Kelvin dropped Sebkha home (Eight Mile Plains), with Dilph and I tagging along. Bought myself a DP at the BP near Sebkha's. Kelvin flatulented as he got out of the car there and promptly apologised. I made the comment, "Well, we are at a gas station."

I was considering going home and skipping the D&D game scheduled for Sunday, but instead I didn't say anything. We drove through town to oggle at the nightlife on the way to Dilph's. Got to Dilph's and I jumped online to chirp with Takena. ;> Earlier in the day I had missed Takena twice. First was because I was in bed asleep. Second time I was downstairs watching the DVD. But I finally got to thank Takena for her gift. :> Kelvin took off home. Dilph arranged to kick me awake in the morning. I think I passed out a couple of times in that chair, then finally crawled into the mattress in the spare room around 3:30am.

On the whole, a wonderful celebration with friends for my hatchday. Great company, great food, great movie. :D
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