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NZ trip summary

I've probably left this a bit late because I forget stuff I did a couple of days ago, let alone last week, but I'll do my best.

Wednesday 5 October

I didn't leave work until 1pm. Considering that Mum was picking me up from home at 2pm to take me to the airport and I still had things to do (chores, packing) it didn't leave me with much time. Fortunately, the only thing I forgot to pack was some prints for Rose and Stephen brought them over with him anyhow.

I had some time to kill at the airport (it's just as well that I took my iPod!). I'd realised on my way over to the airport that I hadn't had anything to eat all day (just a cup of coffee at the client's site). After checking in, I pondered Red Rooster until I noticed an Eagle Boys in the departure lounge. Woot! :D Pizza wins over chicken. ;>

I was so excited about the prospect of pizza that I forgot to fill out my customs declaration card before attempting to pass through customs. D'oh!

The flight over kinda sucked because it was at night. I hate flying at night. You can't see anything out the windows except when you're taking off and landing. At least there was only a little bit of turbulence so I didn't feel too sick. I passed on the inflight movie and food. I flew Freedom so you have to pay for those (I think it's $15 to borrow a portable DVD player).

Hamilton airport was a sharp change from Brisbane International. At Brisbane we sat on the taxiway for about 10 minutes whilst we waited for other aircraft to land. At Hamilton we were the only aircraft. XD

Not much else happened. Rose picked me up from Hamilton airport, we got a bit lost driving back but that was okay, and we had some pasta for dinner before passing out.

Thursday 6 October

...We had Burger King for lunch and I think we went to the supermarket. *blank* I can't remember doing anything else Thursday.

Friday 7 October

Rose got her mini inspected by a clutch mechanic in Frankton. We took a trip to Hamilton Zoo (photos) and I only got slightly lost (it's not so easy navigating in a city you've spent barely any time in and without a roadmap to guide you).

Saturday 8 October


I spent most of the afternoon taking a nap. Rose and I saw Unleashed at the cinema and I managed to find Rose's car key since apparently I have a +10 racial bonus (raven) to spotting shinies.

Sunday 9 October

Colin, Nipper, Rose and I drove up to Auckland to pick up Stephen. We hung around for a couple of hours in the Auckland CBD. We hit an arcade first and I moped the entire time because I hate arcades and I also suck. :P I wanted to go to a coffee shop so we hit the Gloria Jeans inside the Borders and I felt sick (you just can't take me anywhere!). Note: It is ill advisable to drink an iced mocha on top of a large strawberry thickshake.

Dinner was at Auckland's Sky City Tower restaurant, Orbit. The food was excellent, the service fantastic and the prices reasonable! <$40 NZ for a meal. Dammit, I want to go there for my birthday!! It's awesome eating in a revolving restaurant overlooking the city (even if the weather was wet and foggy).

Monday 10 October

Rose got her wing tattoos done and I took pictures. I moped for the rest of the day (except when I got drunk and ate cheesecake) because I had the strong feeling that I shouldn't have been there with Stephen around.

Tuesday 11 October

Rose and Stephen took me to the airport at 4am and my main thought at the time was that they must be glad to be getting rid of me. It was depressing because I'd enjoyed myself for most of the time there.

The flight back was the best I'd had in a long time. No turbulance to speak of. I'd discovered Solitaire on my iPod which killed some time. I even took a bit of a nap and "discovered" Lord Howe Island. It was surprising to see an island in the middle of the Tasman sea. :D

Overall the trip was definitely worthwhile even though not a lot happened. I really enjoyed seeing Rose again and just hanging out. I'll definitely visit again in February if she's there for more than a couple of weeks and she wants to see me.

I <3 NZ.
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