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Overall I had a good weekend. It kicked off Friday night with a party to finish off the homebrew beer at Marko's (mmmbeer). We watched Shanghai Noon, ate sausages, stumbled off to the local bottle shop and discussed frankenbirds. I couldn't drive myself home so I crashed the night.

I failed at sleeping in Saturday. I crashed sometime around 2am and, having thought that I'd slept in, got up only to find it was only 8am.

I wasn't in any rush to go anywhere and Ristin's Exalted campaign(s) sounded intriguing so I created a Pterok (anthro pterosaur, basically) who came out of status only to find the female Pterok gone from her stasis thingie. Eventually he joined up with a group of Lunars...a very misfit group of Lunars. ;> Oh, and I named the character Nor. Pterok Nor. XD

Sunday kinda sucked but I dunno. Sundays always suck. I mostly got some chores done before heading to my parents' for dinner. And I scored a dodgy laser printer. :D It prints a bit messily but it's still perfectly legible. It's not like I'll be printing artwork with it.
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