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So... I showed up at jagafeh's place around 1pm this afternoon expecting there to be a game on. I don't recall anyone telling me that there was a wedding on instead and gaming had been cancelled, so I felt a bit stupid. :p

I took the opportunity to do some shopping instead.

I hit Super Cheap Auto first because the charger for my iPod kept popping out of the cigarette lighter on my way over there and it was getting me progressively more agro. I picked up a new lighter for $5 and some upholstery cleaner. Unfortunately I couldn't figure out how to install it! Cars baffle me.

Next stop was JB Hi Fi. :> I stared at subwoofers for a while. One was priced at $699 and was on sale for about $420. Tempting. Unfortunately it was black and I didn't think it'd fit in with my current setup. ;> Plus there weren't any salespeople around to twist my arm into a purchase, so I left with 3 DVDs instead (Shawshank Redemption, Van Helsing and Dr No).

I decided to leave my car parked at JB since getting to the carpark meant I'd gone the wrong way down a one way street. Indooroopilly confuses me!

It was almost 3pm and I hadn't eaten lunch so I was getting pretty darn peckish. I was indecisive about what I wanted and eventually settled on buying a bowl of noodles from a japanese takeaway. What I didn't realise was that it'd come in a soup bowl with a crapload of salty broth. There was also a mixup because I'd ordered pork noodles and got prawn noodles! Ewww, gross! I left my bowl pretty much uneaten and stormed off. That was the end of that.

...Until I realised (halfway across the shopping complex) that I was being stupid and that I should go back and complain. So I did. And they replaced the prawns with pork. And it was good.

I've been meaning to buy some thongs (AKA jandals AKA flip flops) and some sunglasses for months now. I was finally off my proverbial tailfeathers so I took the opportunity to buy some.

I picked up a pair of brown thongs from City Beach for $20. I think they should suffice.

I had a quick look in Indooroopilly for sunnies but it looked much the same selection as Carindale, which was the same selection as Garden City. :P Crap! So I drove to Stones Corner and found a sunglasses shop there. Cheap! I think I got a decent pair of sunnies (for, er, $50).

Maybe I should be taking photos.
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