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I returned home from gaming last night at about 11pm. The cats were at the door to greet me. I wasn't sure if they'd been fed yet so I checked their food bowls and discovered one of them filled with food and swarming with ants (the bowl, not the cat). Ugh.

I dumped the food into the bin and waged chemical warfare on the ant swarm. Unfortunately they'd found their way into the plastic storage bin for the cat food and were having a party inside it. Sigh.

I spent the next twenty minutes attempting to de-ant the container while fending the cats off (I eventually locked them in my room). Which was just as well. I took the rubbish out and heard the tinkle of glass inside the rubbish bag. WTF?! When I returned to the kitchen I took a look at the sink and found half a dozen broken drinking glasses. It looked like one of the cats had jumped down from on top of the fridge and knocked them over. There were shards of broken glass in the sink and on the floor. >v< I seriously hope that glass wasn't broken until after my housemate left for the evening because that's a bloody dangerous situation.

I carefully hunted the kitchen for any shards of glass (although I bet there's still some underneath the fridge since I didn't look there). I also mopped the floor because that much insecticide can't be healthy. I'm not sure where the maggots came from but we haven't mopped in over a week...?
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