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Huhuhuh....sooo much meat. *drool*

Yakiniku = win! Secret Santa = win! Double win!!

Everyone had a good time tonight. :D Well...except for a couple of the people there who looked like they'd rather be someplace else. But aside from that, everyone had fun. XD

I had ... several shots of sake. And a holy crapload of meat!! It's interesting that of the two biggest carnivores there, one of them is a horse. ;> But I was surely keeping up with broc_dresdroth bite for bite. We finished off one plate of meat, then a second, then significant portions of two other plates because their owners couldn't finish it all. XD
Sounds like I now have plans for New Years too. :> (It won't be as good as last year's, having a girl to snuggle up with, but it'll still be fun.)

So I scored KING KONG: Peter Jackson's Production Diaries from my Secret Santa. <3 to them! It even came with a t-shirt! Awesome^2!
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