Whyrl (whyrl) wrote,

Cricket: The Strategy Game!

Coming soon from Eagle Vertigo Publishing...

Cricket: The Strategy Game

Bring the thrills and excitement of the lordly sport of cricket to your living room with this unique strategy game coming soon from the team that brought you Bugger Off: A Dictionary of Slang Terms and How To Rule A Dictatorship: The Borderlands of Nestlebrook Exposed.

This highly collectable hardcover core rules book contains 1,096 pages of stats, facts, fun and more! The first chapter presents rules for generating the raw pool of player talent and quickly determining scoresheets for a season of provincial cricket from which to select your national team of XI!

Chapter two describes individual player statistics and how to generate your overall team score. Batting, bowling, fielding, catching, reaction speeds, willpower and fatigue stats for each player combine with team morale, coaching ability and fan base to produce a team both unique and memorable!

Rules for scheduling matches and venues are found in the third chapter. Innovative rules on pitch wear, stadium capacity and turnout, match promotion and even umpiring ability add an element of sheer unpredictability to the game which can swing the result wildly in a team's favour!

The fourth chapter finally gets into the gameplay. Our statistical analysis on real match results ensures that the scorecard at the end of your game reads like the real thing! Plus there are rules to watch your players grow, rise to the meteoric heights of sports stardom and crash to the depths of washed up sports player. It's all there and will keep you enthralled for hours or days; the game can even be played in real time!

Chapter five discusses the psychology behind the game. When a team is up then they play at their best. When a team is down ... well, they had better start thinking of careers after cricket. One of the magical aspects of Cricket: The Strategy Game is how much a given player's emotion really plays a part in their performance - just like the real game! No other cricket simulation in the world has this unique innovation! To look at how much of an impact the psychology plays, just look at how much the Australian team has crapped on all the other cricketing nations in the past five to ten years!

Chapter six explores some of the long term aspects of the game, including the economics of players' salaries, competitions, endorsements, and bribes to keep player scandals under wraps. Rules for coaching, player scouting and cricketing academies are just some of the enhancements in this chapter. Discover the difficult life of long-term player nurturing and the consequences of player selection (or omission). You will even see the impact of changes to the umpiring process here! Remarkable!

The appendix contains a history of cricket over the years and some events which have shaped the game forever. It also contains some game statistics of real-world players to see how your team matches up!

Don't delay! Pre-order your copy of Cricket: The Strategy Game now! A must for every cricket fan!
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