Whyrl (whyrl) wrote,

Last weekend (router, bah Humbug and the agony of inevitability)

I'd said late, late, late Friday night (so late that it was Saturday morning) that I was going to sleep the morning away, thesis be damned. That's almost exactly what happened. Didn't emerge from the depths of sleep until almost noon, and that was a good sleep!

I made several mistakes that day. The first was that I left for the bus before getting any money off my parents (I had 50 cents in my wallet). The second mistake was that I'd forgotten I'd run out of trips on my bus ticket (I don't mean the bad sort of trip you get when you lick the magnetic strip), so the bus came and left before I'd even crossed the road to get to the newsagency. :b And it was a Saturday! Fortunately, the newsagency is always open on Saturdays, but the main concern was the infrequent nature of public transport on weekends.

Fortunately I had my bank card on me. Also fortunately, the newsagency had EFTPOS facilities. My third mistake was when the chick behind the counter asked if I wanted to withdraw any cash, I said "no". :P In the end I didn't need it, but that wasn't a particularly clever thing to do. I picked up a couple of ten-trip tickets and a stick of "Fizzy Fruits" (or whatever they're called - candy that tastes like sherbet). Mmm. Sherbet.

Luckily (I was having a string of luck:P), there was another bus along pretty promptly. I missed my connecting bus, though, and I had to wait twenty minutes for the next one to uni. :P

Fiddled around with the router in the lab. All the equipment was still there. I guess people are unlikely to steal stuff from that lab, considering you need swipecard access (unless some fool lets you in when you knock) and there's a pair of security cameras in the room. I figured out how to add my own source code to the Flash image. One of the files that the documentation told me to modify didn't actually do anything, but I managed to find the one that did actually add my files to the make configuration. I also had to download my own TFTP server, which I didn't realise for a while. It had me wondering why the router wasn't flashing its lights and loading the new image. Of course, I had to get the settings for the TFTPD right, too! It was actually quite a successful afternoon/evening. The biggest hitch was after I had uploaded a new image to the router. After a soft reboot (several, in fact), the web configuration still worked, but telnet wasn't working. I tried powercycling the router, and then nothing worked, except for the lights on the front of the router, and they flashed annoyingly at me until I connected something to the WAN port.

It was almost 7:30 and I couldn't even connect to the router anymore, so I decided to take it home and try it there. Home is a much more network-friendly environment than the PC lab. Instead of going straight to the bus stop, I dropped in on the Humbug meeting in the hopes of finding a solution to my problem. This was my fourth big mistake of the day. It ended up costing me an hour (due to the annoyances of the bus timetables) and I didn't accomplish anything. I did get to see part of a game of Knightmare Chess between Dilph and Steven. (Who won that, anyway?)

Got home at about 9:45pm, obviously not in a good mood. Veged out in front of the TV for a while watching Batman Forever (come to think of it, I haven't seen that film since first watching it at the cinema). Arguably the second best of the Batman series. Someone was channel-surfing between that and Naked Gun.

(Something I forgot to add to the Monday entry: I was being oddly charitable that day. First, some guy asked for a pen outside the video store before I could get to the bus stop, so I risked missing my bus and loaned one to him. Second, I loaned one of my brand-new floppy disks to a then-stranger, John, so that he could transfer his Powerpoint presentation to James' sister's laptop. Yes, those are two pretty lame acts of goodwill, but this is the sort of quirky, trivial crap that goes into a personal journal, isn't it?;)
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