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Last night around 8:30 Stephen prompted me with a request for food ("food?"). When I lived with my parents I always asked the question "What's for dinner?" but for the last 7 or 8 months I've generally been the one to figure that out.

My most frequent answer to that when I don't have anything planned is "pizza!" except on the occasions that I don't feel like pizza (unusual but it has been known to happen). So we ended up ordering a cheese pizza with oregano. I ordered it under my surname because I was hungry and a little cranky and I sometimes feel foolish ordering it under the name "Sanctuary". That's Mr Sanctuary to you! :P

I got ready to go pick up the pizza and when the time came I flew out the door and into the car and raced around the corner to the store. I got to the counter, asked for my order, paid and it was just coming out of the oven! Freshly hot nommable pizza! XD

I yoinked the pizza box, jumped back in the car and raced back home to enjoy the hot and fresh pizza!

I knocked on Stephen's door to announce "pizza!". He wanted to know why I rushed off so quickly. "....Pizza!" was my response.

We went out into the dining room to eat!

...then the phone rang. >v<

I was stuck on the phone for ten minutes while my pizza got cold! OvO That's just rotten luck.
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