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Friday 24 May (aka Have Linkin Park, Will Travel)

I've been meaning to write up an entry for the Sizzler dinner last Friday night, so here tis. :>

Picked up a router from my thesis supervisor that afternoon and fiddled with it a bit. Gave up on it, though, because I was feeling tired. I left it in the lab, despite how expensive it was, because I figured the security in there was good (or the inclination for students to steal from it was low). Either way, the stuff was still there when I checked in Saturday afternoon.

Reluctantly arrived at Sizzler Restaurant about ten minutes early, and the usual assemblage of freaks was there. I was greeted by "Hairy" (aka Ryan) and ... I didn't recognise him at first because he wasn't hairy! That was pretty strange, but certainly not as strange as the others there. I hung around quietly until Bingo arrived. Then I continued to hang around quietly, but at least I scabbed a couple of peanut M&M's off Bingo. :> And I wasn't quite as uncomfortable hanging around the others. Found out that Dilph was going to be late since he was working upstairs. We waited about half an hour for various others to show up. Mostly Snowy. :P

Our group didn't make a booking since Snowy was told when she phoned up that a booking wasn't necessary. There was some confusion when we were getting a table and we were simultaneously served at two counters. Unwittingly, I might add. Hooray for organisation. :P They ended up sending us down the far end of the restaurant, as usual, and sat us at two separate tables. Bingo and I grabbed the head of one table, and somehow the freakier half of the group ended up at the other table. Suited us fine. :D Adults table and kids table. :D Turned out that we didn't have enough seats for everyone (there were some 15 or 16 of us), and another table was added onto the end of ours, and a few sat at tables behind me.

Kelvin showed up a short time later, after we'd received our cheesy toast. (Chrrrr....cheese toast.) He was introduced to the group, and foolishly given everyone's names at our table. Even I still have trouble remembering some names. He hit on one of the waitresses, which was amusing! Incidentally, that reminds me that Incitius_Black brought a girl along with him, and we had no idea who she was. I can't remember any of the other humourous conversations we had that evening. Bingo wasn't feeling too well, but he hadn't had much to eat that day (feed a fever, starve a cold?). He got some food into him and suddenly went all hyper again! :D Kelvin made a comment that he used to be like that.. the trouble is when you eat a lot and stop being hyper.

Dilph turned up at some point too. Blar. I don't remember a whole lot. I guess I shouldn't have waited a week to write this entry. :P I know I had a chicken burger for dinner, some pasta with taco beef (and corn - eewwwww), and lots of dessert! :> A fairly nice dinner. I'd say their standards have improved. Not even a candle to the mighty HOG, of course.

We shuffled off upstairs to watch We Were Soldiers, which I thought was a pretty good film. A little too violent for my tastes, though. In the foyer, just after we'd bought our tickets, Kelvin was getting quite annoyed at Bender and later said he was just about to smack him. He certainly wasn't subtle at all towards him. I don't blame him.

It was quite late after the film, and I forgot it was Friday night, so I thought I'd missed the last bus and couldn't get home. Blargh. I wouldn't have wanted to wait for the next bus anyway. Dilph and Bingo disappeared for Stephen's, which surprised Kelvin and I a little. Nrar. Anyway, he offered to give me a lift home, except that his car was parked at Ferny Grove station -- last station on the northwest train line. :b I'd spent all my money, too, so he paid for my train ticket. We missed the train by a minute or two, so we had to wait half an hour for the following train.

We talked about random stuff for a while. I don't recall much of it, but it certainly wasn't dull. Kelvin has a tendency to ramble when he's tired, but I've had a lot of experience of Dilph doing that to me, so I didn't care. :D

Got to Kelvin's car and he decided he was pretty tired, so he drank his first "Z-bolt" energy drink and put on Linkin Park. Weeoot! On the way back we discussed the furry crowd and I told him a few of the aspects of furrydom. He noticed that some of the furs at the dinner were nibbling each other. That is quite strange, really. I told him it was just a sign of affection among furries, although I personally didn't have any interest in it. He asked what everyone's personal animals were. *laughs* He asked this because someone at dinner kept asking him what his "handle" was (y'know....online name). He was quite confused by this, and eventually said he wasn't a furry. There was a gasp from four or five of them...what was a mundane doing among furries?? Heheh. :> So in the car I told Kelvin that Stephen is a quoll (then I explained to him what a quoll was), Dilph is a dobie, Bingo is a dingo, he already knew Snowy's an alicorn, and I'm an eagle. Puzzling to him. :> I also explained that people chose their own species. Kelvin then asked where we hung out online. I told him that I didn't normally hang out on Yiffnet/#ozfurs, and that he saw Dilph talking to me on #Feathers on a separate server devoted to avians. I then qualified that by saying there weren't just birds there, that there were also furs and a dragon there. He mentioned something about this, and I said that dragons were known as "scalies", although they could also be furries, and that anthro birds could be included under furries too, but not everyone agreed with that classification. ;> In short, "furry" could be any anthro animal form.

Kelvin said to me that some of the individuals there tonight were very, very strange indeed. Probably made him feel normal. :D Oh yeah. I also told him that I had a few furry stories of my own on my website. He said that when he was back in uni he'd come across furry fiction and read some of it. About 80% of the stories were about sex, he said, and the other 20% were action/adventure. But it's always fun introducing a whole culture to an attentive newbie. :> I have serious doubts about Kelvin getting involved in the scene, of course. But the dinner/movie nights can be enjoyable with the right company.
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