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Car accident (take #2)

First thing's first: I'm physically fine, apart from a headache. I've been cleared by the hospital. I'm currently at my parents' house for observation (and using the f*&@ing web update to post this entry; maybe I should install a client...).

At 1pm this afternoon, I was driving up a residential street just north of the CBD. I was trying to find a place to pull over so that I could check the street directory and find out where I was supposed to be going.

I was slowing right down to make a right turn. This was a two way street with no lane markings (Victoria Street, Kelvin Grove, if anyone is interested in specifics). I was DEFINITELY indicating right. I saw a cabbie in my rearview mirror probably 50m-100m behind me. I didn't make a note of how fast he was travelling; it was a mere cursory glance. I checked the street I was turning into (Emeline) to make sure it was safe to turn, then I started to make my turn.

It was then that I saw the taxi on my RIGHT HAND SIDE, in the WRONG LANE. I swore out of surprise and shock because there was no way I could avoid the accident at that point. I braced for impact. The taxi clipped the front of my car and kept going, then pulled over to a stop some way up the street. Meanwhile I bumped my forehead on the windscreen (the glass stayed intact) and I was stuck in a right turn. I tried the foot brake but it didn't do anything. I came to a gentle stop in the kerb right in front of a power pole.

I sat there for a moment in shock. What. The. Fuck. I checked that I was okay. Yes, I was fine. A couple of people came running up and checked that I was okay. I said I was fine. I got out and looked up the street and noted the license plate of the taxi. Someone asked if I needed anything; I asked for a pen so that I could write down the license plate. (It turned out that it was unnecessary.)

The fire department and ambulance came. I took a look at the damage to my car. The right headlight had been punched in, the wheel looked wonky (the firies said my front axle was broken), I think I lost my bumper and the car was leaking radiator fluid.

I told the ambo that I felt fine and didn't need to go to the hospital, but I changed my mind and went anyway. Heh, the cabbie and I shared the ambulance because neither of us had private health insurance. I never spoke to the cabbie.

Got to the hospital and made my statement to the police. There was a bit of a wait in the emergency ward so I hung around in the waiting room. I phoned my dad and he said he had another call on the line from Sydney, so he'd call me back in five. I called my mum and told her what happened. The police came back and said my account of events didn't match with the cabbie's version (surprise, surprise), so they asked me a few more questions and I answered as best I could. I then asked whether they thought I was in the right of way and they said at that stage they thought I wasn't. They still had to talk to the other witness to the accident (the passenger of the taxi) before reaching a decision.

A nurse and a doctor checked me out and said I was fine. Dad showed up and took me back to his place, which is where I'm at now.

I still need to talk to the insurance company but I'll do that now. I've got full comprehensive car insurance so I SHOULD be completely covered whether or not the police decide I was at fault.

I've still got a headache now. :/
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