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At what point do I decide to go back to the hospital? I still have a headache from the accident but there could be any number of reasons for this:
* Too much coffee today. (Caffeine has been known to give me headaches.)
* Panadeine. (Codeine has been known to make me feel weird.)
* Too long staring at this monitor. (Stupid CRTs and poor lighting give me headaches.)
* Stress and not enough sleep. ('Nuff said.)

I'm kinda feeling a bit nauseous now too. ovo I can't decide if it's serious or I'm being a hypochondriac.

Maybe I'll wait another 30 minutes or hour or so.

I mean it's not like I've been dizzy, blacked out or thrown up. I just have this persistent headache...

I really hope it's nothing serious. I don't want either:
* My head being opened up. I can't imagine anything worse, surgery-wise.
* Death. That'd just ruin my day.

Edit: Heehee! I can make my pupils contract! .v.
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