Whyrl (whyrl) wrote,

I've trained for this

This morning I got out of the house to run some errands. Unfortunately I could have done all of this yesterday so the trip could've been avoided if I'd done the right things. As it turns out I'm glad I went because of events that transpired this afternoon.

First stop was Bowen Hills to drop off Rose's Singer sewing machine. I was quoted $125 for repairs yesterday. It's quite an old machine and it looks like it has seen better days. The guy at the service centre said you can buy a new sewing machine for about $190 so I took it home yesterday thinking the repair bill wasn't worth it. :P It turned out that I was horribly mistaken so I lugged it back this morning. (My arms hate me.) It should be ready to pick up on Monday probably.

Next it was back to the smash repairs yard because this morning I'd realised that I'd left my iPod car charger in the cigarette lighter. >v< I absolutely had to go back for it (they leave the car unlocked in the yard so anyone could come along and pinch stuff). I'd paid $80 for it so I wasn't about to fork out that sort of money for a new one!

This time I brought my camera with me so I got some photos:

I made sure to get everything out of my car this time. That's fortunate because I got a call this afternoon from the insurance assessor to say that he's determined that the car is a write-off. He thinks it'll cost about $10,000 to get back on the road and the car is worth only about $12,000.

What's unfortunate is that this means I'll have to go car shopping in the very near future. :P I haven't decided what I want yet but I've been happy with the Astra. There aren't really any other cars of the same age that particularly grab me so I may very well end up buying a car that's close to or identical to my last one. Clone car!

The nice thing about my trip today was I never had to wait longer than 5 minutes for a train and I didn't even need to change train lines. That's convenience! Sometimes I like being a pedestrian.
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