Whyrl (whyrl) wrote,

I was in a pretty good mood for most of yesterday. I think the only time I wasn't was when Cai and Rose told me that my mashed potatoes were horrible. I decided that I wasn't going to cook for anyone else ever again because no one appreciates my cooking. :P Admittedly I didn't do a very good job on that mash but at least it was edible!

We hit the Singer place to pick up Rose's machine then Umart for Cai to grab some RAM for her laptop. I picked up a spindle of DVDs so that I can finally do some proper backups. I hate navigating from the back seat. At least we made it everywhere this time.

Rose wasn't feeling up to driving to the airport so I decided that I'd drive. I managed to get us all the way to the airport and back without stalling MattGrey (and this was the first day I'd driven that car). Do I win a prize? :P

Dinner was baked stuffed potatoes (cheese, bacon and fried onion covered in sour cream). So very tasty but so so greasy! Ergh, the grease!

I saw my second episode of House last night. I need to watch more. I didn't realise Hugh Laurie was in Blackadder. His talent scares me.
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