Whyrl (whyrl) wrote,

26 and counting

I don't know whether I feel 26 but I certainly feel older than I used to.

I dragged myself out of bed this morning at 10:45 to find Rose at breaking point over the puppy. Oh that's right -- I haven't mentioned anything here about the puppy, have I?

Short story: Last week Rose and I decided to pick up a puppy from the RSPCA. Rose has been wanting a puppy for a long time now and she's been prepared for one way ahead of time. We were originally going to wait until we moved house before getting one but found an absolutely adorable puppy and decided to take her home.

Unfortunately today we came to the realisation that we're just not emotionally ready to take care of a puppy right now. I took it upon myself to return the puppy to the RSPCA and it wasn't easy. I almost wanted to turn around and bring her back home.

Rose and I dropped into Good Guys to browse through whitegoods (food processors are fantastic tools in the kitchen) and Super A-Mart for a sofa bed. The latter was out of the only sofa bed we would've bought (good price, good fabric, looked nice, could sleep two people and had armrests). The futon they had was out of our price range with the good mattress. :/

Had dinner with my family tonight. Mmm, roast dinner. *drool* Got a couple of gift vouchers (I guess it runs in the family?), a glass of white wine and a chocolate mudcake birthday cake! :D Plus some incriminating photos (which I may or may not share later).
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