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Monday 10 June - D&D at Castle Dilph

We seem to have a glut of public holidays in Queensland around this time of the year. Not that I'm complaining, of course. ;> It just would seem sensible to have them more spread.

Kelvin had Monday off work since it was the Queen's Birthday Observed holiday (I think). He decided to run his game, which is fortunate because Fenelon's game on Sunday was cancelled. Kelvin's game is the continuation of the game we started at his place that weekend we were up there, and had a session of at my house a couple of months back. Hrr. We also had another session of it at Dilph's house just a few weeks back for the christening of Dilph's basement as a gaming venue.

I decided to make a written journal that day to make the task of writing this entry easier. It hasn't significantly. :p Blah.

Seba woke me at 8:45 by howling at my door. He was acting pretty oddly that morning. Come to think of it, he's been acting strange all week.

9:52 I wrote:
I've missed my bus and forgotten Bingo's CDs.
This is a great start to the morning.
I haven't even had breakfast yet.

I was in a rush out the door to catch the bus.
Darryn called me while I was getting dressed.
Next bus is in twenty minutes and I was supposed to be there at 10.15!
And I'm getting cooked in this bus stop.

So I still have Bingo's CDs. :b Bleah. I was only planning on borrowing them for a week or so. Heh, that's right. The Sunday I planned to return them he was over at my place for gaming, and said I could hold onto them for a bit longer. I need a driver's license.

And there was some confusion over transport for Monday. Kelvin said people had to make their own way to Dilph's. Would've been easier had I decided to go over to Fen's Sunday afternoon for boardgaming then crashed overnight at Dilph's. Makes little difference, ultimately.

I had a thought that there wasn't any 9:45 bus, since it was a public holiday, but I just confirmed that there was with the timetable.

10:38 I wrote:
I made the bus to Toowong (barely).
I had to run upstairs from the bus station and a block to Adelaide St to catch the bus.
No breakfast in the City, though. *pant*
I was hoping to grab brekkie at McDonald's.
Woot! 7-11!
The bus stopped briefly outside the Roma St 7-11 just as I was writing that. ;>

Got off the bus at Toowong about ten minutes later. I was considering a five or ten minute detour to the shopping centre for breakfast, but decided against it. There was supposed to be munchies supplied at the game, plus I could grab something on the way to Dilph's at the BP.

Grabbed a DP at the BP. :D Everything else was far too expensive, so no food for me. Saw a cute chick on my way out of the store. MMmm. Nice. ;D I felt a whole lot better about being late. :D

Got to Dilph's. Checked under the house. Empty. Wandered inside to find Dilph by himself at his computer. "Sup?" I said. Kelvin had gone to pick up Fenelon and no one else had arrived. Dilph decided to show me Space Crusade on the PC. Darryn showed up about ten minutes later, and Kelvin with Fenelon about ten minutes after that. After a few more minutes of Space Crusade we decided to shuffle downstairs. Bingo arrived just before we started.

[I wonder where Takena is. She's not usually this late.]

In the game, we managed to kill the ankheg in the first round of combat. Fenelon's cleric cast Sonic Burst which deafened the creature (Ankhegs have ears..?) and the ogre that had just arrived couldn't command it to stop fighting. He wanted to keep it as his own pet. Following the combat, the cleric and my paladin checked out a holy alcove containing the fresco of a sword (my birthday present from Kelvin). The cleric couldn't make head or tail of it, but I reached out for the sword, my hand clasped the hilt and I pulled it from the painting (cue collapse of plaster, shining light and divine music).

[Aha! Here's Takena now.;>]

I didn't have the stats for the sword written down so I went upstairs to grab them from Dilph's computer....and got distracted by IRC. ;D She was surprised to see me. :> Only took me fifteen minutes for a two-minute task. I forgot to take any writing material up with me so I had to memorise it. Holy Defender +2. Not quite a Holy Avenger. Maybe later.

Silversack "some" the Goblin appeared again and noticed that the cleric was a new face (how I don't know - don't us good guys all appear the same to evil creatures?;) and asked for his toll. Fen decided to pull out the only silver he had on him - his holy symbol. Very clever. :P He got thrown into the jail with the other adventuring party that had been captured while the rest of us discussed our plans for breaking them out and dealing with the silver dragon.

What we decided on doing was telling the guards that the dragon was demanding the prisoners as a tribute. This would make them so scared that they would not defy our request. Even if they helped us escort the prisoners, they wouldn't go all of the way. This worked out nicely because we needed the help of the other adventurers against the dragon should things go awry. It also meant that we could potentially avoid any combat, although unfortunately this wasn't the case. One of the ogres wasn't so keen to help and got suspicious, then made to leave telling us he was going to check with the boss. Darryn (the fool) said he was going to try to pick the ogre's pockets as he was backing away from us! Aargh. The ogre crushed Darryn's hand, and quite rightly too (oops - shouldn't have those thoughts, bad paladin!). Someone had to wait outside to make sure we weren't locked in. I ordered Bingo's ranger to "keep an eye on the thief" while we fetched the adventurers. The guards burst through the door ahead of us and unfortunately lunged for the prisoners, despite my shouting "Keep them alive! They're no use to us dead!" So we joined the fray and killed the guards. Admittedly, that part of the plan was lacking.

We had a break for pizza at some point. Probably there, actually. Mmm. Pizza! Can't have a gaming room that has not at least once seen a stack of pizza boxes and empty bottles.

Then it was on to the dragon. We had to do the noble deed and help the dragon out of its apparent dilemma. I said to the party that I would not think poorly of them if they did not choose to accompany me (translation: I couldn't ask my fellow travellers to go to their deaths like that) but they all volunteered to go in with me. Woke up the dragon and discovered that it had racial memories of flying ("I dream of blue but all I see is black") so we offered to rescue it. It asked what it wanted in return and my paladin replied that helping the noble creature was the reward. Bingo had to restrain Kelvin's thief NPC. :D

We went back up top and with the help of the hired barbarians dug a hole down to the dragon's cavern. Bingo decided to feed the dragon and rounded up some goblins for the task, then set them to work digging the hole. One fell in and the others stopped working. Bingo crushed the finger of one, which promptly set the other goblins back to digging. Then Bingo (centaur ranger) reared up and slammed the ground a couple of times near the hole. On the second attempt, a crack formed beneath him and he almost fell in. The dragon was waiting below, coiling up to pounce at the dangling legs of the centaur. It managed to leap halfway out of the hole and snear a hapless barbarian. Bingo was pulled out but most of the barbarians scattered. We sent the remaining few to retrieve them while we went back down into the antechamber of the lair where we ended the session.

I'd been hoping to catch Spiderman with the guys after the session but everyone was too tired and we'd already run the game later than planned, although we did start late, so it balanced out. Maybe I'll see the movie this weekend coming.
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