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Doctor Who, computer upgrades?

I was in JB Hi Fi last Thursday where I "accidentally" bought Doctor Who (2005) - Series 1 (there was only one copy in the whole store!). Over the PA I heard a familiar singer. It turned out to be Mark Spinks from Three Point Tilt. I couldn't figure out which CD behind the counter it was from so I checked Google when I got home. It turns out he's now in a group called Tylers Riot. I'll have to keep an eye on them.

In the middle of watching Doctor Who I stared at the TARDIS time tunnel and I thought that'd make a neat screensaver. It turns out that the BBC were way ahead of me. It's unfortunate when a screensaver makes you want to upgrade your computer. :/ I've spent most of this morning plotting a computer upgrade:
 1 x Intel S775 Core 2 Duo E6300 1.86GHz CPU
 1 x Intel S775 DP965LTCK Core 2 Motherboard
 1 x DDR2 1GB Geil Ultra 667MHz Dual Channel DDR2 Kit
 1 x 250GB Western Digital 7200rpm KS 16M Serial ATA2 HDD
 1 x Albatron 7900GT 256M PCIe Super High! Video Card
 1 x Antec P150 Quiet Case
 1 x MS Windows XP Professional OEM
 1 x Internal 12in1 Memory Card Reader Beige

Total: $1925

I'd probably be better off spending $145 for 1GB of PC3200 (DDR400) RAM since I currently have 2 x 256MB of PC2100. RAM is definitely a bottleneck in my current PC.

I took a test drive the other day in a 91 Toyota Corolla. Everything seemed okay except for the steering which was disconcertingly loose. If I'm only going to keep a car for 12 months I really don't want to be spending any money on it. I still don't know what to get.

Rose and I have finished watching Season 1 of Star Trek TNG. It wasn't as bad as I remember it being. Most of the episodes aside from a couple of them were quite watchable. I've seen every episode of TNG at least once so it's disconcerting how little I actually remember.

Exalted today. Tomorrow I need to help my housemates sort through all the junk downstairs because the skip we hired goes back Monday and it'll never get done unless we all pitch in. Monday also sees the start of a new job! Hooray!
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