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How parties win elections

I wish I had a video camera. I have this idea for a 30 second skit where a guy is walking to a polling booth and a mob of political supporters sprint towards him. The first supporter hands over a "how to vote" card to the guy and he says "Ooooh! So that's how you vote! Thank you, Patriotic Party!" The supporter grins while the others just glare at him, then they start running off toward somebody else.

Well I think it's funny.

Yesterday I discovered that I can actually get to work by 7:30am. I feel kinda stupid though because I ended up not leaving work until 5 anyway. In fact, by a quirk of scheduling, I ended up being the person to lock up the office last night. ovo

My most of me hurts from going swimming last night. It's the first time I've been swimming in...a while. Actually, the last time was Australia Day and the killer ducks of doom. I bought one of those 20 session passes. I figure if I go swimming twice a week then I'll start aching less.
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