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A good day

I spent all day shopping and all evening watching DVDs. Now that sounds like my kind of Saturday. ;>

Stephen and I went to the nearest school to vote in the state election. We spent a bit longer than expected there because Stephen wasn't registered in the correct electorate.

Next we hit Cash Converters where I picked up four more DVDs (Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels, Eight Legged Freaks, Ghostbusters II and What Becomes of the Broken Hearted?, all for $8 each).

At Reverse Garbage Rose picked up a bunch of stuff to make bird and cat toys with. I swung by Gloria Jeans to get some coffee (mmm, coffee). Office Works had some interesting stuff to look at but I didn't buy anything there. Wow Sight and Sound was equally interesting but also found me keeping my wallet closed.

When we got to Carindale Shopping Centre we realised we hadn't had anything to eat and hit McDonald's for food. In the food court there we bumped into dalfox. He hung out with us whilst we looked through Target and Myer for clothes and kitchenware respectively.
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