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Housewarming: Dilph's whirlwind tour

I just dropped dilph off at the airport. It was fucking awesome having him up for the housewarming party. If not for a few details it was almost like he'd never left.

The housewarming was fantastic. It wasn't too awkward having friends and my family in the house at the same time (although my brothers didn't say or do much). Rose's assortment of munchies was awesome (especially the jam drop cookies *nomnom*).

I only had one drink last night (admittedly this was "rocket fuel": 40% vodka, 60% OJ). I ended up sneaking off to my room at 1:30 because I was really tired. Funny thing is, I wasn't actually in a bad mood; I just needed sleep - although I had hit my social anxiety limit.

This morning I got woken to the smell of bacon. At first I wasn't keen on having any because my stomach was doing awful things at 4am. I'm starting to think that I can't drink any quantity of alcohol without feeling sick. :/ After I had some bacon this morning I was feeling heaps better.

Rose, Cai, Dilph and myself drove up to the northside of Brisbane to pick up Rose's new Devon Rex kitten, "Moth". Unfortunately the breeder showed up an hour later than she said she would and she didn't even have Moth with her! Grrr. So unfortunately we had to go straight from there to the airport to drop Dilph off and Stephen didn't get to say goodbye. :/ We really need to head down to Melbourne to rescue Dilph or at the very least hang out. We wanna get Diablo 2 happening on Sunday mornings so at least that should keep us in better contact. It makes me feel sad that we haven't stayed in touch better than we have.

Spiffy new LJ userpic by iolarnula. She's taking commissions! Also, so is regalis.
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