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Leaving it all behind

I was just reading the last journal entry of a friend who has effectively left LJ. I don't really understand how "getting a life" means you leave this behind. I mean I can sort of see how bumming around, being a student and so forth could lead someone to developing an online social network in lieu of having a real social network. But having a busy life doesn't preclude someone from also having an online presence unless they never really wanted to be here.

I just don't think I'll ever "grow out of" LiveJournal. I mean, aside from the ludicrousness of abandoning a permanent account, this seems like a fantastic place to archive one's life chronicles. If this existed when I was a kid I would've loved it and I'd browse back even now to read some of my old entries. (I think I still have some of my written diaries stored away somewhere...)

I guess it helps that I'm far more comfortable sitting at a keyboard than sitting in a room full of people. :P I'm naturally bent towards this medium.

What about you? Do you think you'll still be using LiveJournal in 5 years?
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