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Christmas and politics

This hardly feels like the season for "goodwill to all men". To me it'd seem more appropriate to go on a homicidal killing spree with the high levels of stress around at the moment.

After dropping the quolls off at the local shopping centre I spent ten minutes driving around driving around car parks filled to capacity before I gave up and fucked off to another supermarket five minutes down the road, then had dinner at McDonald's on the way back. Am I impressed? Hell no; I never like seeing that many people in the one place. Am I joyous? I think not.

The shopping centres are overflowing, kids are out in force due to school holidays, they have that tired old tinsel crap strung up everywhere, they play the same shitty old boring carols every year, there's the stress of finding gifts for close friends and relatives. It all adds up to one sucktastic time of the year.

Like a couple of local friends I'm glad I don't have to worry about buying gifts. I've already bought a couple of gifts for my housemates. My family is again doing the "each person gets one big gift and that's it" thing this year, which is fantastic. Time for me to tune out from all this seasonal madness.

Whilst I'm on my soapbox (*tongue in cheek*), I'm really pleased that Kevin Rudd won the recent leadership struggle for the federal Australian Labor Party over Kim "Humble Pie" Beazley. There's no way I'd have voted for Beazley as Prime Minister. Nobody wants to vote for a two-time loser. Nobody wants an indecisive, inarticulate leader running the country. I was shocked when it was announced that he was taking leadership of the ALP last year.

Rudd seems like an intelligent, well spoken politician with clear cut ideas, sound morals and a broad base of knowledge. I really hope he's voted in as the next prime minister, finally ending the Howard regime. The Howard government has been in power for far, far too long and the ALP have never presented themselves as a genuine alternative government until now.
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