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I expected more

I set my expectations as low as they could go for Eragon and it still failed to live up to my expectations; it was just that bad. Terrible acting, dreadful screenplay (I think the screenwriters had a list of dialogue cliches and tried to see how many they could cram into the film)...

..and I think this takes the prize for the longest migraine I've experienced watching a movie. Oh god I feel sick! Half the movie was out of focus, the camera kept zooming and panning and zooming, the flying scenes made my stomach twist. The worst part was that most of the film was really really dark, then occasionally there'd be these horrid bright flashes of light. Augh my eyes!!! It buuuuurns!

There were only two good things about the movie:
1. Pretty pretty dragon (most of their budget obviously went into the SFX).
2. It was mercifully short.

I'm not even sure about point 2. Both Rose and I wanted to know at the same time how much longer the movie had left. It still had 30 minutes to go, so even 90 minutes was too long.

At least this movie is slightly better than the D&D movie or Daylight. I got a bit of a chuckle out of Eragon; the other two movies were completely joyless affairs.
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