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Initial impressions of the espresso machine

The only downside to having an espresso machine is that it's turned me into a drink snob. Coffee is no good to me anymore unless it's from an espresso machine. Plunger coffee is subpar. Instant coffee is the devil's drink! Evil!! Hot chocolate is boring unless it contains Foamy Milk (admittedly this was my opinion of hot chocolate even before the espresso machine).

Tomorrow I'm going to buy some coffee beans from the cafe across the road from work. I refuse to drink the prepackaged supermarket coffee we got yesterday.

The next step would be to buy my own coffee grinder so that I can grind the beans right before I make my cuppa. I also need a milk thermometer to make sure the milk is heated to the optimum temperature. I'm not kidding.

Mmm, foamy hot chocolate.

I think I can live with being a drink snob. ;D
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