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All my leads for moving in with other people have fallen through (due to bad luck and timing) so it looks like I'll have to find a place on my own.

I'll most likely get a 2br unit (apartment/flat) somewhere close to public transport. It needs to allow pets and have a car space (preferably lock-up garage). I also need to be able to get ADSL or cable installed, obviously. Past that I don't know. I need to feel comfortable living there - if it's a dingy hovel I'll turn it down straight away. Something modern and in a quiet location would be nice.

My eventual goal is to get someone to move into the spare bedroom, but failing that I need to be financially capable of supporting myself there for the long term. I've set up an upper limit on rent at $200/wk because I doubt I can afford much more than that.

Something on southside Brisbane would be preferred but I'd also consider the Milton to Indooroopilly corridor.
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