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Feathered folly

You purr, "whoops. I got p#mailed about three weeks ago on FeatherMuck with a new character request."
You purr, "I hadn't logged in for three weeks."


You purr, "Dammit!"
You purr, "I found out who that idiot was that said "page #mail a wiz to get a character"."
Alyeska says, "Who was it this time?"

3) Whyrl 376 weeks ago -- Getting a character.
From: Whyrl 15:50:23 10/30/99 GMT

Getting your own feathered character here is easy!
Simply PAGE an online wizard with the name you'd like and your email address,
and the password will be mailed out to you! (Check WIZZES to see what wizards
are on.)
If there are no wizards available, send a PAGE #MAIL to one. I'm here every
day and can create characters.... :>
Have fun!


Fe'ath just ... laughs!

PS: c_eagle or sennard: if you're reading this, can you please edit the text of this message so that it points people at the @request program instead? (I'm too stupid to figure out where the text of this message is actually stored.) Thanks!
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