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Musings on moving out

The quolls leave for the US this coming Tuesday morning. I'll drop them off at the airport before work. It'll be good to get the place to myself for two and a half weeks. I always seem more relaxed when I'm home by myself. The downside of course is that I'll start to get lonely. I seem to be able to manage about a week before I start to go crazy. Might even be slightly less than that - five days? Anyway, Rose suggested that I should invite sebkha over as a temporary housemate to keep me sane. I think that's a good idea.

We had possibly our last supermarket trip this afternoon. I'm hoping that I can find a new place while they're away and move in at about the same time that they get back, which is just under three weeks from now. Mainly because I want this over and done with. I hate uncertainty. I hate worrying about whether I'll find a suitable place.

I want to get something in either Indooroopilly or Toowong. Both suburbs have shopping centres and both have train stations (Indro is about 13 minutes into the city; Toowong is 10). Nice and close.

A nice 2 bedroom unit goes for about 260pw in either suburb. Most of them seem to have a single garage or carport, which is fantastic. It's going to be a bit of a nuisance doing inspections though because they'll probably need to be during work hours. On the plus side it's a reasonably short trip on the train.

I'm still convinced I'm making the right decision. Both my mum and Rose have suggested that I should move back in with my parents for a little while until I get back on my feet financially (and I assume mentally as well). No offense to either of them but I just couldn't deal with living there again. I'd go crazy like I did living there through most of my uni days. I'm not sure what it is exactly. Lack of independence, not enough personal space, and my mum can be a bit overbearing at times. I'm much more relaxed when I'm living away from them.

Back to cooking for one this week. Cooking for one sucks. :p I'm tempted to get a lot of takeaway food but that's just not good for either my health or my wallet. Anyone have any good suggestions for meals for one? Stephen suggested risotto. My main fallbacks are sausages with potato gems and of course pizza.

Fortunately most of the stuff I want to take with me when I move out actually belongs to me. There are a lot of little items that my housemates need to buy off me and I'm happy with what we've figured out. Just a question mark over the game consoles: we can't remember how much we paid for ... well, just the Gamecube actually. Rose suggested that I could take the Gamecube and I'll have to think about it. I mean I've barely played it at all since we got it. Maybe we should just sell it and split the money. (But what about the games and the extra controllers? Hrr...)

Honestly if I had the choice I'd get Sebkha or Dilph in as a housemate at the next place. Unfortunately Sebkha's still a student for another year and Dilph's obviously still in Melbourne. Even if I could get Dilph up here he'd bring Kate and there's no way in hell I'm going to share a place with a couple again. I'm not even sure that sharing with a female housemate is such a good idea for me.

I'm caught between "people make me uncomfortable therefore I don't need anyone" and "I get lonely". I guess this means I won't have any people over at the new place because it'll be more my "personal space" than Sanctuary was. On the other hand I'll have to schedule some regular social activities because I need them even if sometimes I don't want to admit it. Looks like I'll be getting back into roleplaying every Saturday, which is a good start. I still want to have a regular group of friends to go see movies and stuff, maybe once or twice a week. Past that I'm not sure. I've got my usual visit to parentals on Sunday nights. Three social activities a week might not be enough. Or it might. Or more likely it'll vary from week to week. I honestly don't know because I've never lived on my own longterm.

Moving out might not be as expensive as I first thought. The moving van last time was far too expensive and I don't really have that much stuff to move. Could probably just rent a trailer and get my parents to help move my stuff. That'll save me a bucket of money.

What else?

* Rental bond - that'll be about $1,000-$1,200.
* Energex bond - apparently that's ... $80? No idea.
* Fridge - I can probably borrow one in the meantime.
* Washing machine - If I'm lucky I'll get a place with a communal laundry.
* Microwave - pfft, non essential. They're cheap anyway - if I really want one I can pick one up later.
* Internets. I want ADSL2, which I should be able to get in the suburbs I want to move to. Probably about $200 for installation (I don't have a DSL router).
* Landline phone? Uhh...not sure on this one. I could just use my mobile ... eh. I'll see how I go.

I've probably forgotten something important on that list.

Sooo...about $1,500 initially plus random other expenses (cutlery? cleaning supplies? food? novelty straws?). Considering I've toasted all my savings during the last round of moving/buying a car/dentist visits I'll have to go back to the bank and take out another $2 grand. I should also looking at getting another credit card that offers 6 months interest free for new customers on existing debts.

It's a weird mixture of exciting and daunting moving out on my own. Probably moreso the latter. And I'm not sure whether to be sad or relieved that I'm moving out of Sanctuary after two years. Mostly I'm feeling sad because it's too early to be relieved yet. :p I still have to find a place.
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