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Stuff to do this weekend

Lots of things I could be doing today. I think I've shot myself in the foot planning-wise because I've organised for my parents to come over this afternoon and help with cleaning/packing/moving.

  • I need to pick up some offcuts of carpet for the bird room this morning. They close today at 12:30 and they're not open tomorrow so this is fairly time critical. The place is down at Logan just off the motorway so it should only take about half an hour. Getting out of the house doesn't hurt either.
  • I want a Netgear Digitial Media Player - a wireless device I can plug into my home entertainment system and stream videos and music from my PC. Similar to Apple TV but the Netgear box handles more formats and is about $80 cheaper. Apparently Harvey Norman sells them so I'm going to go there this morning and play with one to make sure it does exactly what I want. *shifty*
  • cjwuffie has a birthday party tonight at the Hog's Breath on the Sunshine Coast. I'd completely forgotten about it but jagafeh and sebkha want to attend it, so if I can wrangle away from housework I'd like to go too.
  • The Lifeline Bookfest is on again this weekend. Might be going to that tomorrow? sebkha expressed interest in that.
  • The Ptolus campaign needs some brainstorming for NPCs, character backgrounds and that sorta stuff (in particular I need to flesh my character out more or I'm going to end up with another two one dimensional character and that's just no fun).
  • I'm convinced that my music taste is not completely crap and I want to get someone interested in an obscure defunct Sydney band! Three Point Tilt. (Okay, this one's a bit silly.) :p

I guess I'll just take things as they come and see how I go. Chaos field for the win!

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