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Chaos field strikes again!!

Holyfuckholyfuck!! *flail*

Okay... *deep breath*

I went to Indooroopilly Shopping Centre just now to have a look at that media centre thingy I've been talking about. I took the freeway/Coro Drive which may or may not be important to this story. Anyway, talked to Ben and we couldn't figure out whether the box does 16:9 widescreen display, so he's gonna call Netgear on Monday and ask about that. But this is kinda superfluous to the story.

On the way in to the shopping centre I saw this huge line of traffic queueing for the roundabout and I dreaded having to queue up for that. As I was leaving the shopping centre I decided to go across the bridge via Chelmer/Sherwood/etc back home.

Now I could've turned left just after the bridge and went under the train tracks like I sometimes do but I decided I'd just keep going and turn left onto Sherwood Rd. As I did that I saw Eureka St Furniture on the corner of Sherwood and Oxley. They sell handcrafted old and solid timber furniture (according to their sign anyway). Their sign also said they'd moved down to the other end of Sherwood Rd. Okay.

Then I saw this huge red billboard that said "Want longer lasting SEX? Use our nasal delivery technology blah blah blah...". It got me wondering whether they actually did testing to determine that it in fact does as they claim. Set up a control group, another group with their product and a third group with a placebo, then run some tests over the course of a few weeks, timing the act of intercourse and evaluating the results to see if they're statistically significant. You know, the scientific method and all that.

Whilst I was pondering this, the new Eureka St warehouse loomed up on the right. I noticed that not only did they sell furniture but out the front in this landscaped sort of area they had a bunch of garden statues. Giant pots, sculptures, water features, animals... you get the idea.

...then I saw it.

I thought to myself, "Hey, that's cool". And kept driving.

Then I thought, "What the hell am I doing??" and swerved over into the turn lane. I made a u-turn and drove back to the store, then jumped out of my car and had a closer look.

They had an eagle statue. Marble, wings outstretched, beak doing the "SKREE!" thing, they EVEN HAD THE TONGUE. The detailing was FANTASTIC! OMG!

Then I saw the price.



I've never wanted something so exhorbitant in my LIFE. Oh MAN. I think it's lucky I bought a car a couple of months ago and don't still have $12k in savings just sitting there.


I think I'll go back tomorrow and get photos.

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