Whyrl (whyrl) wrote,

Navigation sense FTW!

I continue to be impressed by my sense of navigation. I hate the Sunshine Coast because it's very navigation unfriendly. Few clear landmarks, not enough signs, twisty roads and weird building placement (okay, that last one is a dig at Mooloolaba specifically).

As I've mentioned, last night was cjwuffie's birthday dinner at Hog's Breath Cafe in Mooloolaba. Before dinner that afternoon I made the mistake of going horizontal and took a nap. I struggled a bit to regain vertical orientation and worried that how sleepy I was would affect my driving. Every time I've driven back from the Sunshine Coast my attention span wanders and I start to doze off at the wheel. The last thing I wanted was to make that worse, but I got back in one piece last night so I guess sometimes I worry too much.

I left home about ten minutes too late and made the mistake of taking Logan Rd to Sebkha's (I should've gone the back way!), then his iPod made us another 10-15 minutes late, plus the traffic to Jagafeh's was unusually heavy. I ended up arriving at Jagafeh's about half an hour after I said I would. (Sorry!) Which of course made us 20 minutes late to the Hog.

I hate the Bruce Highway between Brisbane and ... Nambour? I forget when it stops being a drive through a forest. It's so utterly boring. It's poorly signposted, too. I'm not familiar enough with the exits off the Bruce to get to the various parts of the coast (although in the last six months I've been getting better). I get this horrible feeling that maybe I've missed my exit. I haven't seen any signposts for twenty minutes. Where the heck am I? Have I gone too far? Do I need to keep driving for another half hour? Fortunately I found our exit and managed not to get lost until we actually got to Mooloolaba itself.

The Hog's Breath is well hidden inside a shopping complex. You'd think they'd have one of those huge backlit signs on the side of the road so that people from out of town can actually find these damn places, but no. I ended up parking on the side of the road and we went in on foot. I called Bingo to find out whether he was there (he wasn't) and we still managed to walk on a direct path to the restaurant.

Dinner was pretty good, as always. I discovered they now have a "lite" cut of steak for only $20. This meant that I actually managed to finish my meal for a change. (It's depressing: I used to be able to eat an entire meal with the regular Hog cut of steak; I may have even been able to finish the Boss Cut. This is no longer the case.) Met some new furries; forgotten their names.

I forgot to get cash out before going to the Hog. Their billing system shits me. I want to be able to pay by card but they won't split the bill. So I had to make a trek to find an ATM. Let me tell you: it was well hidden at the back of the shopping centre. I never would've found it if I hadn't known it was in there somewhere.

I think I've run out of things to say about last night. ;>
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