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Walking With Dinosaurs

The show was SO. AWESOME. I'm not going into any detail about it in case people reading this want to see it, but I have to say this is probably as close as I'll ever get to seeing live dinosaurs. It was FANTASTIC! (The only downside was this one kid in the audience who kept blabbing throughout the show. I wanted to smack that kid in the head - preferably with a velociraptor tail.) If you like dinosaurs you absolutely MUST go and see this show!

I very nearly didn't see it. I decided Wednesday morning that I wanted to go. I tried to buy a ticket and they'd sold out in Brisbane! D:

eBay to the rescue! I managed to nab a double pass for $90; which is a good deal considering the adult tickets sell for $70-$90 each.

I really need to pay more attention to upcoming events!

P.S. The Brisbane Entertainment Centre layout confuses the hell out of me.
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