Whyrl (whyrl) wrote,


I woke up around 4 this afternoon to discover that my PC wasn't responding. I checked the keyboard cable (I'd been having problems with it freezing up every now and then) and caught a horrible burnt smell, so I opened up the case and started dismantling it. At first I suspected (hoped) that it was the power supply that had burned out, but I then noticed that one of the chips on the motherboard near the CPU was fubar. DOH!!! Anyone got a spare Socket 7 motherboard..? :/

As I was typing up this entry the first time this evening on the family PC (I've been given my own login to set things up how I like:), the power cut out... and stayed out for an hour. We had a pie for dinner, cooked on the BBQ, and the bottom was charcoal too. I haven't had much luck today.

Figure 1: The culprit circled in green.

Figure 2: The big white splotch is where the IC package has melted away. The dark stain above is where the board itself has been charcoaled. (I really wish I had a better camera.) The three pins have melted away too. :P

At a wild guess, I'd say this was the voltage regulator, but my electrical knowledge is shoddy at best.
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