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Bus accident

The bus I caught tonight almost got into a crash. They had to call out a couple of ambulances because people were injured. Thankfully, I was sitting down so I was fine.

We were coming up Logan Rd just past that big roundabout in Woolloongabba when some chick in a small white Toyota pulled out of Southside Ford without even looking where she was going. The bus driver slammed on his brakes and the people standing in the aisles toppled over like dominoes. He pulled over and checked that everyone was okay. A middle-aged woman said she had whiplash and a couple of other passengers were also injured. The Toyota had turned around and drove off without even stopping.

A couple of ambulances showed up and checked the injured. I was there for about half an hour on the bus before I finally jumped on another one (that had spare seats!) and continued on my journey home.

I caught buses for five and a half years during uni and this never happened. I have to say it's totally put me off standing on a bus. :p
Tags: accident, bus
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