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The world is made of stupid. I mean sure, you'd say, you'd have to be a dumbass NOT to realise that the world is stupid. No, this is not my point.

I mean it's really, REALLY stupid. Fucking bonkers. Completely nutzoid. Absolutely, stark raving MAD. I don't think any of us really appreciate how absolutely, mind boggingly, brain noodling absurd the whole of EVERYTHING is. I mean seriously.

The problem is that we've gotten so accustomed to how "normal" things are that if you just took a step or five back from the day to day that you see the whole big picture and you wonder to yourself what the fucking hell it all means. And I don't mean "it all means" in the whole religious connotations. It's really in the sense of "OMGWTFBBQ what we accept as NORMAL is absolutely INSANE". What the hell is this deal we call "life", why are we on this crazy ride and how do we get "un-off". I don't mean "off" as in bumping yourself off. I mean unoff, in the way that you can erase yourself entirely from existence so that you never got "on" in the first place. I mean isn't that really why we're here? The human race is so fantastically wonderful at erasing things that surely it'll find a way to erase itself from the whole of space and time?

Q had it right.
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